PICTURED: This product image contains 2 x Orchid stems and 1 x Anthurium stem in a hand painted vase.
The colour theme and style of this design was inspired by Egypt. Onyx and Gold were widely used by the ancient dynasty and make a striking and luxurious combination.
Each stem has meticulous hand painted gold symbols against an elegant black back drop, perfect for an extravagant gift or an impressive display for a business or event.




At Botanic Fawna we always strive to go above and beyond to deliver beautiful one of a kind custom floral arrangements with your colour theme in mind. However, due to the availability of flowers and usual seasonal changes the variety of flowers may vary.

Please note the images displayed are just an example of previous. All arrangements are custom made to order and will have their own unique flowers and composition. If you are unsure about what you would like, please contact us here prior to ordering so that I can assist you. 

Please make a note of any special request during your order process. While we will try our best, we cannot guarantee any special request.

Botanic Fawna operates Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm only. We are a small, custom order studio and do not stock flowers so walk-ins are not possible. 

To order, a minimum of two days notice is required (business days). Please be conscious of this when selecting your delivery / pickup date to make sure your flowers will be ready for your occasion. 

Deliveries are made during Tuesday to Saturday between the hours of 10am to 5pm.

To order, a minimum of two days notice is required (business operating days).

Please make sure you read the below Care Instructions prior to ordering. 

The above is a rough visual guide as to the volume of flowers based on your budget however the actual size of your order may vary depending on the amount and type of premium flowers available. To increase the size of Fresh Floral arrangements, please select the option to add greenery when prompted. 


A flat-back arrangement is meant to only be viewed from the front. There are no flowers behind the arrangement. This style makes the arrangement appear larger and is ideal for gifts, displays and events.

A round arrangement has a 360 degree viewing circumference, meaning it can be viewed from all angles. This style makes the arrangement appear smaller due to the extra surface area covered by flowers. This arrangement is ideal for table arrangements, for events or at home.


Care Instructions

For more information on care, tips and tricks, check out Botanic Fawna on Instagram.

Floral Arrangements

Please keep flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and draughts. Vase arrangements with floral foam need to be filled to the brim with water. Bouquet and vase arrangements need to have their water changed regularly and stems sniped on a 45-degree angle.


Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and away from draughts. Cut Phalaenopsis Orchids don’t like drastic changes in temperature and tend to thrive in cool environments. Regularly snip stems at a 45-degree angle and change the water. Due to weight distribution we recommend a maximum of two Orchids and one Anthurium per vase. Please fill three quarters of the vase with water to avoid it toppling over. For larger orders a larger vase will be substituted. 

Preserved Arrangements

Position flowers away from draughts, direct heat and sunlight. Do not place them on or near heat generating appliances such as TVs and microwaves. Do not add water to your arrangement or keep in a humid or damp environment.

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