$180.00 / 14 days

We offer a hassle-free subscription program to help you elevate your space with our timely delivery and beautiful blooms. Beautify your home with fresh flowers delivered directly to your door every 14 days.
The product images here are examples only. You will receive different flowers each fortnight
DESIGNER'S CHOICE - Let our designers create a special and unique arrangement that goes above and beyond! You will receive a stunning mix of premium flowers. Types of flowers used will vary based on the seasons.

Delivery can be completed Tuesday to Friday, between 10am and 5pm. Please describe your ongoing preference.

E.g. For weekly or fortnightly subscription, you can write - please deliver on Thursdays. For monthly subscriptions you can write - Wednesdays, second week of each month.


Priority Delivery

We hand deliver direct to your door as close to your preferred timing as possible and before general orders. Deliveries occur between 10am and 4pm on your preferred day. 

No Contracts or Minimum Terms

Life happens and situations change, we get it! Shop with confidence that you can cancel your recurring subscription at any time with written notice.


Care Instructions

For more information on care, tips and tricks, check out Botanic Fawna on Instagram.

Floral Arrangements

Please keep flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and draughts. Vase arrangements with floral foam need to be filled to the brim with water. Bouquet and vase arrangements need to have their water changed regularly and stems sniped on a 45-degree angle.


Keep flowers out of direct sunlight, heat and away from draughts. Cut Phalaenopsis Orchids don’t like drastic changes in temperature and tend to thrive in cool environments. Regularly snip stems at a 45-degree angle and change the water. Due to weight distribution we recommend a maximum of two Orchids and one Anthurium per vase. Please fill three quarters of the vase with water to avoid it toppling over. For larger orders a larger vase will be substituted. 

Preserved Arrangements

Position flowers away from draughts, direct heat and sunlight. Do not place them on or near heat generating appliances such as TVs and microwaves. Do not add water to your arrangement or keep in a humid or damp environment.