Botanic Fawna has been telling stories with flowers since 2020, building a reputation around Adelaide for creating unique custom flower arrangements including our hand painted flowers.

At the heart of our studio practice is a deep love for nature, combined with a passion for design and experimentation with mixed media.

We’re passionate about celebrating nature and work closely with Adelaide’s flower wholesalers and growers. We buy flowers specifically for each floral arrangement to eliminate waste and to provide long lasting flowers for each customer.

Our Approach

At Botanic Fawna we approach each arrangement with the intent of creating something completely original while also meeting each customer’s specific requests and needs.

Once colour, theme and budget has been determined we pre-order your flowers through local wholesalers and growers.

The day before pick up or delivery we collect your blooms, inspecting their quality before purchase.

Finally we create!

With the satisfaction of knowing each customer will be provided with a tailored arrangement of the highest quality.

BOTANIC FAWNA is a floral atelier led by Marie Tarasenko. Our studio specialises in producing truly original, innovative floral designs for homes, events, shoots, workplaces and special occasions.

Our Owner

Marie Tarasenko

With more than a decade in the industry Marie Tarasenko has accumulated experience in varied roles and classifications of floristry. In 2020 she founded Botanic Fawna to reflect her own intimate artistic approach.

Born and raised in the Adelaide Hills, Marie has always been influenced by nature and its inate creativity. This was the artistic inspiration that influenced her experimentation with paint and eventualy flortistry.

It’s the balance between these two worlds of artistic creation and natural beauty that defines Marie’s own individual style which focuses on experimenting with mixed media to create one of a kind works of art.

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